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Saginaw Soup

What "Soup" is

The "Soup" is a COMMUNITY EVENT concept that started in Detroit and spread to various cities across the country. The intent is to provide an open forum for all ideas. Saginaw Soup has a goal of creating new business in the city but is 100% open to any and all good ideas that benefit Saginaw, regardless of its source or stage of development. It could be plan to turn vacant lots into pocket parks or even a one-of-a-kind business idea written on a napkin.

Existing and potential entrepreneurs are invited to these periodic events, where each will have a chance to share their business ideas with a panel of four volunteers acting as judges and the rest of the audience. The panel and crowd vote on the ideas and the idea with the most votes is awarded $500 to help make it a reality. For those interested in attending as an audience member, $10 will cover your dinner and single vote toward whom you believe proposes the best idea. The general public is welcome.

SAGINAW SOUP COMMITTEE The committee is made of volunteers from the City of Saginaw and Saginaw Future, Inc. who set aside time to plan and develop the events. Committee members include:

  • Yolanda M. Jones, OMB Director
  • Tom Miller, Jr, Saginaw Future, Inc.
  • John Stemple, Chief Inspector
  • Kanah Franklin, CDBG Administrator
  • Shontaye Bibbs, Econ. Development Coordinator
  • Matthew Lane, Admin/Budget Analyst


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