Our Mission

The City of Saginaw is committed to providing high quality services to ensure an inclusive, safe, and vibrant community in which to live, work, learn, and play.

Our Vision

Saginaw, through collaboration and public/private ventures, will be a welcoming community that promotes neighborhood growth; stimulates business development and innovation; and fosters entertainment, and educational opportunities for all.

Our Core Values

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We appreciate and value the uniqueness of each individual. We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Service, Accountability, and Responsiveness

We put our citizens first by establishing measurable performance goals, recognizing achievements, and responding to needs.

Unity, Collaboration, and Teamwork

We form effective partnerships that maximize resources and deliver high quality services across the community.

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Winter in Saginaw

Saginaw Police Department Press Conference - 2017 Crime Statistics

The upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday on Monday, January 15, will not cause any delays in trash and recycling services provided to the 34 communities served by the Mid Michigan Waste Authority. Residents should prepare and set out materials on their regularly scheduled collection day.


The Public Works Dept wants to ask residents within the City that if at all possible during and immediately following heavy snow events if they could keep their cars off the streets and parked in the driveway. During the most recent snow event that there were many vehicles parked in the street while they were attempting to provide snow removal. In fact many of the owners are parking their vehicles directly in front of their driveway's to block the plow trucks from having snow from the roadway pile in front of their driveways so that they don't have to remove by themselves later. This causes some safety issues for the drivers to be weaving in and around vehicles to avoid parked cars, could possible keep Waste management from collecting trash and recycling due to impassable roadways and area along curb not plowed, and forces the City to have to come back later and plow when they may be able to. They understand that many of the owners are parking on the street in accordance with the ordinances and legally, however it does keep the City from being able to clear the entire roadways. Also keep in mind that depending on the type and amount of snow it may be between 24-78 hours from end of snow fall until they can clear all locals per our Snow plowing policy.


Winter doesn't officially start until December 21, but we all know that Mother Nature follows her own calendar. There are a number of public services that can be impacted by snowstorms and freezing rain, and refuse collection is no exception. While drivers make every effort to collect materials on schedule, they are cautioned against attempting service if driving conditions are hazardous. Safety is always MMWA and Waste Management's shared priority. In preparation for this season's weather challenges, MMWA would like to again share our Inclement Weather Service Impact Plan.


Mid Michigan Waste Authority is again teaming up with several community partners to make the upcoming holidays a little greener with its annual Holiday Light Recycling Drive.


Parking Regulations in the City